Dr. Paul Rothwell

Dr. Paul Rothwell

It’s a great day to be alive! Each day has its own challenges. Simply stated, change is inevitable, and change can be either positive or negative. Those who blow with the wind and accept change for change’s sake are often in for a rough ride. The simple fact is that change is not always progressive and negative change can lead us farther away from our goals in life. Yes, much of what happens to us is out of our control. But, we can still make positive choices. It is the freedom of the spirit, the freedom of the heart, even if the change we are experiencing is difficult, seemingly insurmountable.

That being said, the changes that are rapidly evolving in medicine have left many confused and disheartened. This list also includes many medical practitioners. Escalating insurance premiums are forcing us toward a one payer, government controlled system. Diminished coverage of prescription medications and rationing of laboratory testing and less truly comprehensive care is the “sacrificial lamb” on this fire of idealistic promise. This has spawned an ever increasing number of “wellness” practitioners promising results poorly supported by science and often directed negatively at the “medical establishment”.

Good news! The medicine of the future is indeed already here. It is known as Integrative Medicine. Integrative Medicine focuses on the total person, mind, body, and spirit. It is the intelligent combination of traditional Western medicine and natural or so-called complimentary medicine. Integrative doctors are MDs or DOs who have specialized training in the field of what is now known as Functional Medicine. Their focus is on wellness care rather than simply sickness care. As an example, let me discuss Intravenous Therapies, specifically IV Vitamin C or Ascorbate.

Intravenous therapies have been used safely for decades and have proven to be extremely beneficial in selected cases. Intravenous or IV therapies are relatively painless for those of you who fear needles. Specifically, IV Vitamin C has been given to patients around the world to assist with various maladies including viral,fungal, and bacterial infections, as well as allergies/sinus problems, wound healing, and inflammatory disorders, including fibromyalgia. It has also been given as an adjunct in cancer therapy and to help the body with detoxification. Numerous studies have supported the use of IV C although it has not been validated by the FDA. The cost would simply be prohibitive as Vitamin C cannot be patented. Dr. Mark Levine with the National Institutes of Health has done studies involving IV C and has stated that orally, Vitamin C is a vitamin but IV, Vitamin C is a drug. I cannot make a “treatment statement” without fear of a significant fine, but he did! In any event, I would invite you to check it out. This is only one example of Integrative Therapy. The future of medicine is here now!

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